The latest achievement of llci center researchers
If you look for internal Nail in the web, only two types in the world are exclusively used.
1 - Fitbone, this Nail is completely placed in the bone channel, and the entire osteotomy is sprayed by a device called the Activator wirelessly, the speed of increasing is about a millimeter per day.
In this method, the candidates have no permission to using weight during the treatment period and even after the end of this period until full bone repair, and this creates a very big problem for those who want to back to the job, and During this period, it becomes very annoying because it deprives a person of social activities.
The second problem is the limitation of bone length increasing. for Fitbone not more than 6 centimeters in the leg and not mot than 8 centimeters in the thigh.
2 - Precice: the surgeons in united states they using this Nail. This method also has both Fitbone method problems. With 7 centimeters increasing for the leg.
our Researchers at the limb lengthening Center of iran and after a many designs and tests, succeeded in making the MTN method (Manual Telescopic Nail), which solved both of these problems. One day after the surgery, you are can walk with a walker and live as an independent person without others helping, and also there is no limit to increase the length of the bone, even up to 8 cm.
In addition to solving the two above problems, the other problem is the price for height increasing for Fitbone and Precice method. It is a limiting factor.
The height increasing with Fitbone method by Dr. Bombart in Munich is about 80,000 Euros, and for Precice method in the United States by Dr Mahboubian is about $ 68,000, while travel and accommodation costs in the United States and Germany are not included, but for MTN method the cost is less than The above methods.