The result of this operation is highly dependent on the collaboration of both side, that is, the surgeon and the candidate.

If the prescribed exercise is sufficient and there are regular physical therapy sessions, the result will be guaranteed by the center.

depends on how much you want to increase and you can find your answer by reading below table

Height increasing table

Height Increasing (cm)

External Fixator Staying Time


Fiberglass period Staying Time (month)

Normal walking after opening Fiberglass (moon)


3 – 2.5




3.5 – 3




4 – 3.5




5 – 4.5




6 – 5.5



Note that the numbers are correct if you have adequate nutrition, adequate exercise, physical therapy, and ages between 20-35 and 50-70kg, and also no Alcohol or any kind of Tobacco.



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90.000 $

for bilateral femoral lengthening

100.000 $

bilateral tibial lengthening using PRECICE

140.000 $

Tibia lengthening using LATN:$US 64,000    Tibia lengthening using Precice:$US 69,000    Femur lengthening using LON:$US 55,000    Femur lengthening using Precice:  $US 60,000

120.000 $

 using PRECICE


120.000 $

specialist for Fitbone® surgery

50.000 €

bilateral femoral lengthening

53.000 €

bilateral tibial lengthening (using Betzbone Nail)




55.000 €

intramedullary nail



55.000 €

intramedullary nail

France - Italy

52.000 €

intramedullary nail


30.000 €

MTN (Manual telescopic nail) - (intramedullary nail)method Full Package (Airport to Airport)

20.000 €

LON method Full Package (Airport to Airport)


  • In our preferred method (LON), there is no possibility of creating an angle at the site of the osteotomy, and we are not worried about creating an angle after opening the External device.
  • Less scar on the place of operation and also less pain.
  • more ability to walk
  • the time of device replacement (External Fixator) is very short.
  • There is no possibility of fractures in the place of bone growth.
  • Restrictions on the movement of joints on both sides of the bone are less than ilizarov method
  • Meanwhile, the LON method is more applicable to dwarfism


  • Nutrition plays a vital role in bone repairing
  • Avoiding all kinds of tobacco, alcohol, and carbonated drinks
  • Regular exercise during limb lengthening period and regular physical therapy
  • Graphy needed every two weeks for controlling limb lengthening
  • If physiotherapy is selected by the person because of the distance, the result of the work should be  acceptable by doctor; otherwise, candidate undertakes to conduct the course in Tehran and by our physiotherapist
  • After completing consolidation , it is usually necessary to remove internal rods (one and a half to two years after the first operation)
  • Limb lengthening not recommended for women over 45 and for men over 55 years of age
  • we fix knee deviation during the limb lengthening operation and Depending on the severity of the amount of deviation, the length of the legs is increased
  • we fix leg length discrepancy during limb lengthening operation
  • The ability to perform heavy exercises is usually possible after 18 months after this exercise
  • During the limb lengthening period, the person can walk with the  walker , but usually there is no possibility of being at work.
  • The created bones are naturally and there is no weakness created for the person
  • Basically, increasing the length of the bones is a process that must be carried out according to the prescribed procedure, especially after 4 centimeters of increase, if enough physiotherapy and exercise are performed, it can keep the pace of progress well balanced and control the pain

height shortness is determined by the height average of people in society and there is definite definition for it. we are not doing surgery for any person who feel short because it's not just a cosmetic surgery. for surgery we need to check many factor